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Designer, Programmer, Moto Enthusiast & Comedian

Where to begin....

I am Tim or Ciraxe. I'm residing in the best shit hole called Baltimore, Maryland. If you ever come here during the summer or fall season make sure you definitely stop somewhere and buy some crabs. It's the best thing about this state and you can never have enough of them. I have a nutty boxer named Siri. A picture of her is on the left! Yes, her name is the same as the phone voice app, get over it. In my defense I was oblivious to those things on cellphones and I remember hearing that name before so I picked it for her. If I had known that's what it was beforehand I would've came up with something different. I'm a pretty laid back person that enjoys joking around a lot, music, seafood, gaming and the bike life.

Games: I mainly play Battlefield 4 or Diablo3 but, other games I've played and sometimes still do consist of World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Wars: Battlefront, Dying Light, GTA: V, Far Cry and many more. I do stream my gameplay some of the time which you can watch it here in my stream section or click the Twitch icon at the bottom of this section. I have a custom self built pc to play practically every game listed on max settings. The specs can be found in my Twitch info section.

Game Addons: Currently my only addons are for World of Warcraft which can be found on WoW Interface here.

Bike Life: I used to be exclusively a 4 wheeler junky but, thanks to a couple buds they talked me into considering the life on 2 wheels. I'm still a novice in many respects and am definitely open to constructive criticism. I have a 2014 Suzuki GSX-R 750. I've been riding since June of 2015 shortly after taking the MSF course for a quick and easy way to get a license. Pictures of the bike are further down the page, enjoy!

My Gear: Bell Qualifier Cam Helmet, Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Jacket, Icon Brigand Vest, Joe Rocket Atomic X Gloves, Speed & Strength Moment of Truth Shoes

Bike Life